Venue name: Club Essence

Location: Cattlemarket Str 38 – 52 45127 Essen, Germany

Address: Viehofer Straße 38, 45127 Essen, Germany

Phone: +49 201 7474853


Business hours: Saturdays and evenings of public holidays: 22.00 – Closing hours

Dress code: Sharp, well-kept, Sex appeal: Cool elegance

Age admission: 21+



Relatively inconspicuous from the outside, is the pearl of the Essenes nightlife – Club Essence – right in the center of Essen. The club is located in the halls of an old cinema. The basic architectural structure was maintained and, with design elements, a stunning venue was created with style and atmosphere. 10 m ceiling height, three upwardly extending galleries with various lounge areas and large mirrored bars in the classic style, wrestle each visitor astonished glances from. 

The club is split into two areas: Firstly, there is the slightly smaller house showroom with best danceable house music and the great hall – the so-called showroom. In the latter, visitors can expect a mix of current dancefloor classics of the pop charts and range. A “specially designated” dance floor you could not find the way, vain and guests take the gratitude. Dancing is almost where you go there. 

There is a colorful “have dance-drink-chat-fun” place and the positive atmosphere there is unique. 

Also exceptional are the Essence showgirls. The force of up to 20 girls in extravagant costumes (or the rest of it) you just have to experience for yourself. 

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